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Risk Assessment of the impacts of COVID-19 lockdown on Agriculture 7th December 2021


   REPORT Resolutions of the Stakeholder Workshop on the Report “Impacts of COVID-19 Lockdown on Agriculture and Food Security Sector in Lesotho: A Rapid Assessment” 24th September 2020


   REPORT Agricultural Subsidy Issues for Policy Review and Discussion  25th March 2011  


   REPORT Assessment of Lesotho Young Agripreneur Participation in Poultry Value Chain 20th December 2021


LIST OF AGRO DEALERS Bukana ea pokeletso ea Lenane la bafani ba lits’ebeletso ho lihoai lesotho 1st January 2022


STUDY Case study on beans marketing in Lesotho 1st June 2021


STUDY Case study on potato production in Lesotho 1st September 2021


CALENDER LENAFU Calender for 2022 1st January 2022


REPORT LENAFU Potato Food System multistakeholders dialogue report 18th August 2021 25/03/2011


STUDY Lesotho Poultry Value Chain and Trade Issues, Study by LENAFU 2020 17 December 2020